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Outdoor Number Recognition Chalk Activity

Hi All! I really hope you’re absolutely loving this Spring weather as much as we are! So many exciting experiences to have, adventures to create and life to enjoy.

This morning when we were cleaning up from breakfast, Mr A took the empty soap bottle and asked to fill it up and squirt it outside… and that was the inspiration Mama needed for our morning outdoor number recognition chalk activity.

All you need for this is some outdoor sidewalk chalk and  a couple of cleaned, empty plastic squirt type containers. (thankfully the recycle truck hadn’t come yet this morning and I was able to snag the empty ketchup bottle for Mr C!)

I filled a large bucket of water with our garden hose, and had the boys fill their squirt bottles. As they frolicked around our back field watering dandelions, I made a small number grid on our back patio stones, with numbers 1 – 5, both in numeric form and a visual representation of numbers (notice the dots above the numbers).

number chalk activity

Now for the game. I called out a number between 1-5 and the boys had to try find the number and try to wash it away with their squirt bottles! They had SO.MUCH.FUN!

chalk number activity 3

Robert obviously wanted in on the action too…

chalk number activity
chalk number activity

Such an easy, educational and FUN activity for you to do outdoors with your kiddos, and I promise you they’ll have a blast! It’s now mid afternoon and these squirt bottles are still in full effect outside. We’ve already replayed this game with letters and even watered our garden seedlings with our re-purposed plastic squirt bottles too!

I hope you’re all enjoying this gorgeous day and finding new, creative ways to engage, encourage and empower yourself and your children!

Stay Awesome my friends!

xo Rebecca