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One year old breastfeeding photoshoot


Hi friends. You may not find me blogging as much as of late. Life’s just been too busy for computer time lately … Keeping up with the farm, “life schooling” (aka homeschooling), teaching workshops and I think some sleep somewhere in there…  I really appreciate taking more time to unplug. That said, I’ll still be hoping on from time to time when it permits to share when I can… as I love to connect, share and love with you all, too. 🙂

Robert celebrated his first birthday a few weeks ago.  Our dear friend Michelle from Michelle Lewis Photography offered to do a special one year old breastfeeding photoshoot for us with some gorgeous breastfeeding shots of Robert and I. (If you recall, Michelle is the same photographer who took our Maternity Pictures when I was pregnant with Robert …. you can see some of them HERE if you missed it)

I cherish breastfeeding pictures, I really do. Having had my eldest nursling just recently self wean at age 5, I can wholeheartedly share that it really is a fleeting moment in time that is so special to capture. I’m still tandem nursing my 2nd son who’s 4 and youngest son who’s now 1 (while pregnant…) and this isn’t a new phenomenon to me. It’s just another chapter in our precious story of us.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, we’ve had a lot of bumps along the road and challenging moments in our breastfeeding journey, … and tears (last night being one of those nights… oy!) …but always in looking back on my now 5 years+ of being a breastfeeding Mama, I know it’s the most precious gift I can give to my children, my family and myself (not to mention my milk donor families I share with… more on that story HERE ).

My 2nd son was more interested in skipping stones in the lake then the photoshoot we were doing a few weeks ago (I don’t blame him!!) so these breastfeeding pictures are just Robert and I, with some family shots as well.

I love sharing the normal, natural gift of breastfeeding. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Thank you again Michelle for the beautiful shots… Michelle being a breastfeeding Mama of 2 littles ones really knows how to capture the bond of love that comes from breastfeeding. To see more of her work outside of our blog, check her out HERE 🙂








Thanks for sharing with us <3

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