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I Love You Message Board

Hi Friends <3

Busy week as per usual around here. The Asparagus is still popping out of the garden, making for some delicious farm to fork freshness most meals. How I missed this in the Winter! The Lilacs are blooming and smelling lovely. Our chicks are just shy of 6 weeks old now and will soon be introduced to the rest of our flock.

Lots of adventures as always with the kiddos this week – a trip to the Peterborough Zoo, a Farm Day with our Homeschool friends, weekly Martial Arts lessons and of course lots of time to learn, grow and love together. I’m feeling so fortunate with the flow of life, really. I hope you all are too.

spring 2015 lilacs

Our garden is mostly in the ground now… which is good.. annnnd not so good when we were hit with a frosty night this past Friday. Mr. Robert and I were out with row covers making sure we tucked all the seedlings under so they wouldn’t get frost bit!

row covers

In the midst of all of our fun and excitement, we always take moments throughout our day to pause, relax, reflect, give thanks and embrace each other. As I’m sure you’re all quite familiar by now, these Mindful Moments are really a cornerstone to our family values.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always loved writing notes. A thank you note, a ‘thinking of you’ message… a love note… Taking a brief pause in the busy-ness of life to share with those we appreciate and love. Sticky notes are kind of a staple around here…  Colin and I write little notes all the time. Sure, we text and such, but there’s something a little extra special to be said for a written note.

This week, the kids helped me craft an “I love you Message Board” we now have in our kitchen. It’s a really easy concept. We not only had fun making it, but we love writing notes to one another.

i love you message board

All you’ll need if you’re doing this yourself is a picture frame, some artsy frills to decorate, a dry erase marker, a printer and some paper.

I included a space for writing our message, which can obviously be erased and re written time and time again, as you write on the glass of the frame with the dry erase marker. I also added a permanent daily affirmation at the top of the printed page within the frame that reads “I am loved today and always”. It’s very important when we say our affirmations to ourselves, we include the “I AM”, as this is a conscious and subconscious  way to reaffirm our positive self talk and beliefs. I love having affirmations around, so this seemed like a perfect combination.

Here you’ll see Mr. C’s first message he wrote all by himself (a great way for your littles to practice their printing too!!)

i love you message board

With some stickers, some flare and a little pizazz, we were done this simple yet meaningful activity in no time.

We’re really having a lot of fun messaging each other on our “I love you Message Board”. You can write whatever you’d like… thoughtful, silly, loving, funny… it’s up to you. If it comes from the heart, put it down! Share it with those you love and keep a constant reminder of your connectedness and unity.

i love you message board

It’s the little things like this that help us always come together no matter what type of day we have.

Do you write notes to each other in your household? What are some of your favourite ways to share your feelings and connect?

And don’t forget those positive affirmations and self talk 🙂 It’s an invaluable skill to teach yourself, and your children. Say it with me now “I am loved, today and always!” … because you are, you know! <3

‘Till next time… Keep it Real xo