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Handmade Children’s Mother’s Day Card

mothers day card craft

A bit of a back story before we get into this craft…It’s funny because I know many people believe that holidays that recognize relationships such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day and the like are just created by the greetings card industry, to well… sell, sell, sell. And in truth, I once carried a more cynical outlook along the same lines. But as I’ve grown and evolved, I’ve really learned to appreciate making sacred space to cherish those we love – Whether it’s a specific holiday or not, I do feel there’s always an opportunity to encourage children (and adults) to show appreciation to those around them. It’s so important to create mindful moments during which we can reflect upon the love we receive.

As many of you who regularly follow our musings may know, we are a blended family. All three of our children biologically come from me, but Robert is the only biological child Colin and I have together. Of course, this type of dynamic is never an ‘easy’ situation for everyone involved, but really, what family is?  Blended or not – there’s always going to be some sort of challenges along the way.

Speaking from my own heart however, I truly feel this dynamic really is just another opportunity for us all to learn, grow and evolve – as most of life is really, right?!

I strive to always live my life with the mantra in mind “Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated”. Living this way helps keep me in my heart space (even when not-so-nice feelings kick in that I need to work through – we’re all human still, right?!). This mantra also helps me to continue to teach my children to blossom into the beautiful, thoughtful, caring human beings they are. Teaching them to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Sooooo, needless to say, in creating mindful moments with our kiddos this past week to honour all the Maternal figures in their lives, we did quite a bit of crafting and reflecting on the special gifts that all of these special women share in the relationships they’ve fostered with the boys.

After some ’round table’ craft discussion with the boys, we decided to make a handmade children’s Mother’s Day Card (literally, as they are made out of hand prints lol) that could be customized for each woman that was being honoured.

Here you’ll see the basic idea of the card we made, with a couple of variations of mindful gifts we chose to share, depending on the person being celebrated.

The concept is pretty simple. Some construction paper to trace hand prints and make an accordion, some markers, a sticker here and there, some cutting (depending on the age of child they may be able to do this with or without your help), some glue, some imagination and fairy dust (aka glitter lol). Check out the pictures below. I’m sure you’ll get the jist of it.


mothers day card
The Blue Hand Print is Mr. A’s and the Red is by Mr C…

Start to open the card…

mothers day card 4

Unfold the accordion glued between the hand prints…

mothers day card
Ta da! I thought this craft was super cute and sentimental.

To add an extra element of mindfulness to our crafting, before we added the glitter, I asked each boy to think about the person they were making the card for and ‘infuse’ their happy thoughts, wishes and thanks into the card. As they sprinkled the glitter, this was the visual representation of the loving, caring energy they were sharing with this person.

With each card we made, we also incorporated meaningful gifts of love. Our dear friend Andie makes beautiful hand made Mala’s and other gemstone bead work. We asked her to make the special Chakra bracelet for one of the big boys maternal figures so it could wrap around the card and be used as a bracelet gift. Each stone correlates with one of the 7 Chakra Energy points on the body, helping to maintain balance and harmony. As you can see pictured below, it was a lovely addition to the card.

mothers day card craft

For my Mother, the boys Grandmother, you’ll see another variation with the card. This one has a wee little extra hand print from Robert (in pink). We also created a gift basket and gathered some Tulips and Fresh Asparagus from the Garden, and added two of her favourite Young Living oils, Thieves and Joy.

mothers day card

This is just 2 variations of the many Handmade Mother’s Day cards we made this past week honouring the sacred women in our children’s lives. There’s so many ways you can make this craft simple, thoughtful and unique.

Whether you ‘celebrate’ Mother’s Day this weekend or not, I encourage you all to embrace every family dynamic life has to offer, and use whatever opportunities you are presented with to share more love, peace and harmony with those you are blessed to have in your life and your children’s lives. When we embrace one another, we can truly teach our children by example what caring human beings can accomplish.

Cheers and Blessings this weekend to all Women – Mothers, Step Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts or other. You are all beautiful Goddesses who deserve to be cherished!

Happy Mother’s Day with Love,

xo Rebecca