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First Time On Two Wheels

Today we took our boys out and took their training wheels off. It was their first time on two wheels. Not many their age are out there riding a two wheeler, but we knew our farm boys were ready. We did some exercises in the driveway, a sloped gravel run gave them about 40 feet to practice gliding and walking with their bikes. After they had mastered the feet off pedals glide, we took to the road where they had a little more space to work with. Our 5 year old Charles, took off down the road in a glide all the way to our neighbors house – which is about 500 meters away. Arthur, who is 4 years old, fell a bunch of times but he was not discouraged and enjoyed every minute of it. Next we took to the flat part of the road and started a little pedaling exercise. I grabbed the camera and let it roll, and a good thing because Charles nailed it nearly right away. Not bad for the first time on two wheels. He slowly pedals himself off and just kept on going like he had done it before. I was rather stunned. Cool like a cucumber, our little man is a bicyclist. And Arthur, well, he has a big brother and all summer to encourage him. With a few more weekends under our belt, I’d expect a follow up video of Arthur riding on his own.

Thanks for checking out our newest parenting adventure, we look forward to sharing more fun with you in the near future!


Colin & Rebecca