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Hi I’m Colin.


I have always been drawn to a natural way of life, living harmoniously with the Earth and all it’s inhabitants.  I like to live simply and love unconditionally, spreading my knowledge and my personal truth with whomever wishes to hear it.

I have extensive experience with natural elements healing the mind, physical body and soul and believe we have every essence we need to support and enhance our lives already here on Earth.

As a vegetarian for almost 5 years, I can completely attest to the fact that organic, pure foods will heal and fuel your body to it’s utmost potential.

I too believe in natural, authentic parenting and all it encompasses.  I enjoy growing food, cooking food, building as much as I can from the tools I have around me, and finding innovative, sustainable solutions to the challenges the world is facing today.

Rebecca and I are anxiously awaiting our first biological child together in June, but I have already been so humbled by the experience our other two children have given me.  They amaze us everyday with their compassion, understanding and love. They truly are our teachers.

Rebecca and I share many passions and we are so excited to share our journey with you all.  Thank you for being a part of Conscious Crunch in helping to share global awareness and peace.