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Baby Belly Body Paint

Life is busy, for everyone. Almost a year later after Robert’s birth, and this video was still not published. Yikes!

Fatherhood has been, in my experience, everything I’ve wanted out of life. It is hard. I will never suggest it isn’t hard. But it is the most humbling, exciting, hysterical experience I have ever had. This video is a 2 minute time-lapse of what took Francine from Earthful Creations (to check her out click here) 4 hours to create stunning art on Rebecca’s belly. We’ve included some special pictures at the end of our family during and after Robert’s birth. A small window into the awesome, thrill and raw nature of our 2014.

Music by our friends Slippery Soul (view more of their incredible work here)

Thanks for sharing with us, we love you all so very much and appreciate all the support. Below you’ll find our first YouTube video on Conscious Crunch’s YouTube Channel “Baby Belly Body Paint” . Be sure to subscribe to us for all our latest blog and vlog posts!

Unconditionally Yours,

Colin xo

*NOTE* If you are offended by beautiful, natural nudity, please don’t watch 🙂