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A day in the Life…

A Day in the Life of … US! I made this post randomly a week ago on my personal Facebook page when I was beyond tired, but feeling super pumped after the great day we had. The responses I received both on the thread and via private message were really pretty and inspiring – and it’s prompted me to make this simple Facebook ramble blog worthy… Here goes..

Our Day Today:

6 am – Up with zee babe, Farm Chores and organizing for our day begins.
7 am – 2 big boys wake, dress, breakfast get ready to head to Homeschooling Pioneer Village trip
8 am Driving to Pioneer Village, kiddos have some pretty cool conversations about what bodies their Spirits lived in before they were in their current bodies (love their insight!)
9 am Meet some new and old friends at Pioneer Village… our tour begins!
11:30 am – After some amazing adventures between 9- 11am we successfully complete the Pioneer Experience… Pic Nic lunch to follow (who says HS’ers aren’t “socialized” ?!)


homeschooling pioneer


12:30 pm – On the road again… stopping at Lakeridge to fill our water jugs with fresh Spring H2O – meet a lovely elderly couple and help them fill their water jugs. Charles and Arthur proceed to explain to the elderly couple why water straight from Mother Earth is better for our bodies than Chemical Water. (elderly couple agrees, I giggle )
1:00 pm – 3 pm – Nap on the way home, writing and math workbooks by the creek, playing in the mud
3:30 pm – Shower off creek mud, Cosmic Kids Yoga while Mom makes early dinner (Karate night…)
4 pm – Eat dins
4:45 pm – In the car, on route to Karate
5:15 pm – Kickin’ butt at Karate


karate kids

6:30 pm – On the way back home – everyone’s pretty pooped!
6:50 pm – Home! Stories, (including a phonics book read by Charles), Firesafety book from the Firehall last week (and some extra tears from Robert .. .little dude had a long day!!!)
8:00 pm – All 3 asleep
8:05 pm – Mom runs out during the last bit of daylight to finish farm chores
9:00 pm – Mom comes in to finally turn on the shower… then realizes it’s garbage day tomorrow… back outside…
9:15 pm – clean kitchen – procrastinate on Facebook….
10:00 pm – Did mom eat dinner? Not sure… makes scrambled eggs….
10:15 pm – More cleaning … (and FB procrastinating…) Catching up on some Young Living Essential Oil stuff… Remembers she didn’t shower yet…
NOW – Still working on that shower…
(*Shout out to Colin who’s been rockin it at Carriage (check Carriage Of Durham Inc. here ) since 6:30 am this morning and still isn’t home..)
I wouldn’t change this life for the world… I love my family.. I love our passions… I love all these magical experiences (the challenging ones included)… I’m exhausted, I’m overjoyed, I’m a little nutty at times… but THIS is living! This is learning! Blessed at all the opportunities that come our way! What’s happening tomorrow? Probably the same sort of shenanigans… full of some super happy, smart kiddos, and a whole lotta love. Peace! …. must.shower.now!

Writing this out was not only inspiring for me, I know it helped inspire others – which is always my goal. Have you ever taken a few minutes to write out your day in this format? If you haven’t, I encourage you to give it a try. You’ll feel pretty freaking awesome – because guess what Mamas (and Papas) you ARE AWESOME! Everything you take on each and every day is an accomplishment, and a gift you are here to experience and share. Be proud of each day in your life … and each moment you have with your children. This life goes by so quickly, so be sure to take time, to embrace and to cherish…. now I’m again left to wonder… did I eat today and did I shower?! So is the life of a Mama LOL

Thanks for being you!

xo Rebecca